Disdero Ranch

Today I had the opportunity to meet Laurie- the owner of Disdero Ranch. 

Laurie is a farmer from the North Thompson region where she raises sheep, mohair goats, alpacas, and Pyrenees dogs. She has beautiful yarns made from the fibres of her sheep, goats, and aplacas- and I was lucky enough to get some of her Romney/Mohair and her Corridale/Mohair. If you're interested in getting some for yourself she has an online store.  

I will be bringing this yarn with me to Iceland this January to design with- something warm and natural, but also something from home. Working with a local yarn will help with any homesickness i'm sure. 


I was struck by her thoughts around local fibre farming and the idea of honouring the breeds of animals she raises. All of her animals are breeds that are on the Canadian Conservation List- they are breeds that are in danger of disappearing. 

I am looking forward to seeing Laurie again at Fibres West in March!