Fibre CSA!

My incredible friend Anna is starting a new brilliant project- A Canadian fibre CSA! 

"A year ago (April 2015) I sold my community based local yarn shop (Baaad Anna's Yarn Store) and with my husband and two young sons, packed up our belongings and moved from the Westcoast of Canada to Manitoba.

In 6 weeks we found a beautiful piece of land - 140 acres east of Winnipeg, Treaty One Territory. Attracted to the land because of its mostly untouched landscape, forests and wetlands, but also its potential for a small flock of pastured sheep, we moved in June 26, 2015!

It has been a great learning curve, as neither of us have actually lived on a farm, let alone had livestock to care for. But it's been an exciting, challenging, rewarding, hilarious experience and we are eager for the next step!

I am passionate about building community, challenging injustice in our world and creating alternatives, Long Way Homestead is the next step in pursuing these passions.  A fibre farm and CSA model is not just about selling fibre and yarn, its about clothing security, understanding the land both ecologically and historically, its about respecting animals, and understanding where and how our clothing and food is produced.

I also intend for this farm to be a place where learning, community and connection thrives."



She has a Kickstarter campaign going that is ver nearly funded- check it out! 

Anna is a brilliant and inspired person- I am so proud of her!