Coming Inspiration

In my work/creative life I wear two hats. The first is the natural dyer/knitwear designer/textile maker and the second is a sculptor/painter/drawer/artist. I truly am in love with the first as it is the most brilliant work i've ever had. It is a way for me to support myself and to I can't believe i'm lucky enough to be self employed. The second is what honestly drives me to love and wake up in the morning. It is a burning desire to create new things every day and these things are often never shown to others- they're just a way for me to express something that I feel.

Today i've been reflecting on the idea of pushing myself to make more small artworks that are solely to further the creative process- and I decided to give myself a weeklong challenge and see what comes of it. I invite you to work alongside me if you'd like- or just take a look at what i've come up with. I'm going to be sharing photographs of what i'm making on my Instagram this week and I will be using the hashtag #cominginspiration . 

Wednesday April 6- Something sculptural. Something that takes up space and has interesting shape.

Thursday April 7- On paper. Today's project will be on paper- whatever that means.

Friday April 8- Inspired by text. Today is to be made from written word.

Saturday April 9- A self portrait. 

Sunday April 10- Past thought. Looking back at old notes or sketchbooks to glean inspiration- and to make something from this.

Monday April 11- From song. Find a song, listen to it at least three times, and make something.

Tuesday April 12- Vessel. Make something that can hold something else.